Microsoft to Control Windows Phone Marketplace Spam

If you routinely moniter the Marketplace on Windows Phone for new apps then you’ve undoubtedly come across the hundreds of redundant real estate and spam apps by user “Eric_Rulz”. Microsoft has also taken notice and in a move to keep this kind of thing from ruining the quality of the Marketplace, is taking the appropriate measures to curate even further.

In a blog post on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, Todd Brix reviewed the current problem and Microsoft’s position on app curation in the Marketplace:

In recent weeks a handful of companies have individually published hundreds of apps in a matter of a few days. We call this bulk publishing. While these apps meet our certification requirements and give consumers a wider selection of content, we’re also finding that publishing them in bulk degrades our customers’ experience. By publishing hundreds of apps in a short amount of time, the popular “New” Marketplace list category fills quickly, pushing the other new apps out and reducing the diversity of the shopping experience.

Microsoft’s philosophy is that an app marketplace should balance quality, choice and variety with a great customer experience – which includes easy shopping and discoverability.

To assist with solving this problem, Todd announced a few changes to the policies for submitting and publishing apps:

To avoid the scenario where bulk publishing crowds out other apps in Marketplace in the future, effective immediately, we are limiting the number of apps any one developer can have certified in a single day to 20.  Developers creating a large number of apps can still submit all of them for certification, but they will be certified at a maximum rate of 20 per day rather than all at once.

I think this new policy will help cut back on a large portion of these redundant apps showing up at once, but it’s clear that these apps need to be consolidated into one or a few apps to keep from cluttering up the Marketplace. As for Eric_Rulz’s apps — they need to be removed and he needs to be banned from publishing apps unless he has something useful to contribute to Windows Phone.

Read the blog post by Todd Brix in its entiretly here



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