iPhone Flatters Windows Phone at WWDC

Windows Phone is still a relatively brand new platform and will take a little while to really penetrate the market, but that hasn’t stopped a few of the current industry leaders from borrowing some features and interface designs from Microsoft’s mobile platform. We’ve recently seen Android developers take a familiar cue from Windows Phone by creating apps which mimic the tile-based home screen and Zune music player of Windows Phone. Today, at WWDC, Apple flattered Windows Phone with some borrowing of its own.

Apple announced a few major and minor updates to it’s core iOS software in the iOS5 update slated for later this fall. In the update are many familiar features to Windows Phone users namely Twitter integration, wireless syncing, camera above lock screen and cloud support.

As is usually the case, Apple presents many of these features as if they were industry firsts and innovation, however, Windows Phone users have Twitter integration coming in Mango; can currently wirelessly sync their media to their phone; currently use the camera button above the lock screen and have a little service called SkyDrive which backs up contacts, pictures, video and documents to the cloud, among other things.

In this industry, borrowing is inevitable and certainly has happened over all of the current platforms, but it’s nice to see some of the major players borrowing from such a new mobile OS as Windows Phone.


3 responses to “iPhone Flatters Windows Phone at WWDC

  1. “Apple presents many of these features as if they were industry firsts and innovation”

    Give me the exact quotes where they say this.

    • I never said that Apple said these were innovations. I stated that Apple “presents” features as if they are industry firsts. I’ve watched nearly every Apple keynote for the last 15 years and this is a general practice of theirs.

  2. Apple rarely admits that they did not invent something. I can remember once or twice when they noted that they were not the first to do a specific thing.

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