Windows Phone E3 Coverage

It seems like Microsoft is at another conference or event revealing some new product or service nearly every week at this point, so it should be no surprise that the Xbox division is revealing the future of Xbox entertainment via the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) today at 9:30am PDT.

Because Xbox is now a crucial part of Windows Phone, it is also expected that Microsoft will reveal some new titles coming for the mobile platform at the show. I’ll update this post as information is revealed by the software giant. You can also watch the live video feed of the Xbox presentation via the Microsoft PressPass website or live on SpikeTV.

[Update: I’ve updated the link for the live webcast with the link.]

[Update 2: Looks like there wasn’t any new XBL Windows Phone titles announces at the keynote, but there is plenty of E3 left and what was announced for Xbox is very interesting. Check out the Microsoft PressPass page for more information.]


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