New Windows Phone SkyDrive Features Detailed

Microsoft posted about their cloud offerings today most likely in answer to the Apple keynote yesterday where Steve Jobs unveiled iCloud, an online syncing and storage service for iDevice users, which is blatantly similar to a service that has been offered by Microsoft for years — SkyDrive.

Most Windows Phone users may not even know about SkyDrive and this is likely the point. Windows Phone works so well at storing and syncing your pictures, video, OneNote and contact information that the service works seamlessly in the background. This is what’s coming in iCloud and what already exists for Windows Phone users.

However, Microsoft took to their official blog today to detail even more integration and more features which will be coming to Windows Phone via the cloud service in the Mango update. Here are the announced features:

  • Share photos stored on SkyDrive via email, text, or IM
  • Share your video on SkyDrive
  • Browse your documents stored on SkyDrive
  • Search your SkyDrive documents

If you would like more information about the upcoming features, including video, skip on over to the Windows Live official blog and read Mike Torres’ post on the cloud and services offered to users right now.



2 responses to “New Windows Phone SkyDrive Features Detailed

  1. This is so true,, just got a phone,, with the latest windows operating system ,, i LOVE IT,, by far the best,, and it does do all the syncing in the background seamlessly Samsung focus top of the line,, for free with ATT upgrade !!!!

  2. Bro! (Rich) I did the same thing! I’m loving the Focus. Switched from the iPhone 3GS and honestly haven’t looked back. I’m am really looking forward to the Mango update though, that’s going to be sweet!

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