Grab A Free Windows Phone Avatar Prop

I was using Netflix on my Xbox 360 last night when I noticed an advertisement that mentioned receiving a free Windows Phone for my XBL avatar. Normally, I could care less about buying props and such for my online alter ego, but since this is Windows Phone-related and it’s free, it was worth a minute to test it out.

To receive the free Windows Phone for your Xbox LIVE avatar, navigate to the Spotlight section on your Xbox 360 dashboard and select the Join Laura Foy on Hot Apps option. After a short spot where your avatar will interact with the advertisement, you will be brought to an interactive demo of the Windows Phone home screen. Click on the live tile labeled Keep the Phone! and you’ll have a Windows Phone prop in your avatar customization list.

You’ll need to then go into the avatar customization section on your Xbox 360 or online to activate the Windows Phone prop, but afterwards, your avatar will play with the device while on screen. It’s not quite ground-breaking, but it is a way for Microsoft to tap into the massive user base that the Xbox console captivates everyday.

[Note: US Xbox users only]


3 responses to “Grab A Free Windows Phone Avatar Prop

    • I was trying to help a friend get the Windows Phone prop tonight on his Xbox and the advertisement is no longer showing. Microsoft may have pulled it already. Hopefully, they bring it back.

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