Telefonica Approves All Windows Phone Updates…Now Scheduling

I was glad to see that yesterday, the Windows Phone team updated the official blog with news that Telefonica in Spain has finally approved and signed off on all current Windows Phone updates (7008, 7390, and 7392) for their users. This includes the NoDo update that most Windows Phone users have had for months.

In other update news, Samsung Focus owners who have not received NoDo have been updated on their status as well: “…there are many people across several companies continuing to work on the solution for your phones. We want to make sure you have a quality experience with the update. That is taking time, but we are not resting until it’s done.”

At this point, many Windows Phones are up-to-date and the few that remain should be seeing their updates soon. This first wave of updates certainly had it’s rough patches, but the Windows Phone team has promised that things will be much smoother in the future. 

For links to the update tables page, click on the Where’s My Update? section here on Windows Phone Metro.

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