What is “Beta Xbox LIVE Extras”? [Updated]

Update: A user pointed to a link in the comments that leads to an Xbox forum post, by user Lei Tracer, which states the following regarding the beta Xbox LIVE Extras app:

“FYI, the app “Beta Xbox Live Extras” appeared in Marketplace for a few hours on 6/10.  This is a beta that is intended for internal Microsoft Mango testers and should not have appeared in the marketplace, but someone threw the wrong lever somewhere so it ended up visible.  If you try to run the app you won’t see anything because it depends on Mango libraries that aren’t available on your phone yet.  The app is taken down now and the correct v1.6 of XLE should be visible now.  Apologies for the confusion.”

Thanks for the tip Matt.

I was surfing through the Windows Phone Marketplace this evening when I came across an app entitled “Beta Xbox LIVE Extras.” I’ve downloaded the app and nothing happens when you launch it. It just takes you back to the Games hub. It’s interesting because the app has a release date of 6/9/2011 and is version compared to the current version of Xbox LIVE Extras that is version 1.6.0113.0. So far, there are no ratings from other users, so I would imagine that the app is in the Marketplace by accident. I’ve reached out to Windows Phone Support via Twitter and have received no response thus far. If any users know what this app is and what it’s doing in the Marketplace, feel free to leave a comment on this post or use the form on the About page. I’ll post back if there is any news on this ghost app.


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