iOS5 and Windows Phone Mango Feature Comparision

One of the great selling points to Windows Phone is the out-of-the-box usability of the platform. Other notable platforms tout apps as their primary selling point while Windows Phone can sell mostly on the merits of its built-in functionality. In most platforms, you need to download a ton of apps to reach the functionality that most users need, In Windows Phone, post-Mango, most of the sought after features that users want are baked straight into the OS and the added functionality brought by apps is just icing on the cake.  

With recent unveils of the future of both Windows Phone and iOS, It’s time to start comparing the two and seeing where either might be leading or falling short in terms of features. recently posted a chart which compares the features of Windows Phone Mango and iOS5. Both platform updates are slated for later this year, so I think the comparison is fair. I would remind users that the full feature set for Mango has yet to be announced, so there are many features which are unknown at this time.

As you can see clearly from the chart above. Windows Phone has caught up to mature platforms in less than a years time and when you consider built-in functionality versus functions that are augmented by apps, Windows Phone is clearly in the lead.

Chart credit:

Via: WMPoweruser


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