What Does Having a Windows Phone Say About Your Personality?

I read an interesting article today on Yahoo! by Rob Enderle entitled, Pick Your Phone by Your Personality. It’s an interesting post by a Windows Phone user who essentialy breaks down, in generalities, the different types of smartphone users and their platform choice based on possible eccentricities the user may possess.

The article goes through each major platform (Windows Phone, iPhone, Blackberry, Android) and breifly describes the type of user that the platform may attract. Here is what is said regarding Windows Phone:

The Windows Phone is known for its speed in getting to key applications, its integration with all things Windows, and matching the BlackBerry in terms of being a great phone. The Windows Phone user is into speed and efficiency. They don’t want to waste time learning convoluted steps to getting things done, and don’t care about looking like everyone else. They don’t strive to be different, but are different nonetheless, and this is likely reflected in the car they drive and the clothes they wear. They buy quality, like a clean design, and products where they have some important choices in terms of phone design and carrier but not too many to be tedious. More fun than a BlackBerry user, more independent than an iPhone user, and less tolerant of change than an Android user, their personal motto is likely “moderation in all things.”

I particularly like the phrase, “They don’t strive to be different, but are different nonetheless.” Not all of these traits may or will be true, but I think the general idea is correct. Personally, I’m not one to waste time with multiple steps. I want access to my information as quickly as possible. I enjoy quality products with a clean design and choice is always a plus. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and the phone you carry with your information needs to fit your style and usage.


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