Evernote for Windows Phone Revealed

One of the must have apps for many most mobile users is Evernote. Similar to Microsoft’s OneNote already on every device, Evernote, is a note taking app created specifically for Windows Phone. As you can see below, the app uses the Metro UI and a pivot page to display notes, notebooks, tags and recent notes with an application bar on the bottom of each pivot screen for additional functionality.

This version of Evernote is designed from the ground up for Windows Phone 7. Once you’ve signed in and gone through a short initial sync (existing users only), you’ll be greeted with the all new Windows Phone 7 interface that fully embraces the glance and go sensibility of the platform—it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen from Evernote.

As of this post, the Evernote app was nowhere to be found in the Marketplace, but should start showing very soon according to Evernote’s blog. Being an avid OneNote user, I’ve never tried the Evernote service, so i’m eager to see what differences there are in features between the two. You can check out some more screenshots and information on the coming Evernote app for Windows Phone on Evernote’s blog.


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