Nokia Rep Teases that Windows Phone Device Will “Blow Your Socks Off!!”

Many are waiting with baited breath for Nokia to release or even reveal their first Windows Phone device. Nokia’s strength has always been hardware and Microsoft is a software company, so it stands to reason that combining the two should make some excellent devices for users.

At least one Nokia employee is blown away by an unknown Nokia Windows Phone. Dave Trevaskus, Senior Training Consultant for Nokia, expressed his excitement for a Mango device via his Twitter account earlier today.

From early device concepts, I’m excited to see what Nokia brings to the table in terms of both hardware and customized software to the Windows Phone platform. I get the feeling that Nokia is like a kid with a secret and can hardly wait to unveil their latest work to the world, but we’ll likely not see a Nokia device until later this fall. 

Via PocketNow

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