Windows Phone Update Progress on Surround, Focus & Omnia

Michael Stroh updated the official Windows Phone Blog today with some information about a few Windows Phone models and their updates. The good news is that they are actively working to update the remaining few models, the bad news is that there are still no solid dates for Focus rev 1.4  and Omnia 7 users. Here is where each phone stands:

HTC Surround – The 7392 update for the Surround on At&t is now scheduling and should be delivered within about 10 days.

Samsung Focus (rev1.4) – The Windows Phone team has made progress on getting these Focus models closer to being updated and are “…actively scheduling the final set of tests.” No set dates for these devices, but they sound as if they are very close.

Samsung Omnia 7 – No new information just yet, but Microsoft is working with Orange to deliver the updates to users, again, no firm dates, but it sounds like it’s close.

The post is brief, but you can check out the information here.


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