Zune HD Apps Being Ported to Windows Phone

According to the Zune Insider podcast via Paul Thurrott’s Windows Phone Secrets blog, Microsoft is working or planning to port some of the Zune HD apps over to the Windows Phone platform.

Being a previous Zune HD owner, I can say that the apps were few and far between, but were often very high in quality. A few of the games would be very welcome, including a music trivia game which uses your own locally stored music and creates trivia about the band and albums which you must answer in a specified time limit. Here are just some of the apps that could be ported:

I’ve been without my Zune HD since just after I got my first Windows Phone and there are definitely some games and apps that I miss from the platform, so It’s good to hear that Microsoft will be porting most, if not all, of the apps over to Windows Phone.

If you are interested in listening to the podcast where the porting in question is being discussed. The Zune Insider podcast episode 119 is available to download through the Zune PC software.


3 responses to “Zune HD Apps Being Ported to Windows Phone

    • Agreed, I’m also hoping for Castles & Cannons, Bowling, PGR Ferrari racing, Skateboarding and Dr. Optics Light Labs. Hopefully they will still be free when they do arrive, but I wouldn’t count on it.

      Edit: Labyrinth as well…very well-done title for ZHD.

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