Early Mango Reviews Are In, Things are looking Great

The early beta of Mango has been released to many bloggers and tech writers and since the NDA has been lifted, many of their post and first impressions have been posted on their respective websites. Overall, the idea on many reviews is that Microsoft has caught up to the competition and has been innovative in many ways. There is still work to do and Microsoft acknowledges this, but Mango seems to be a huge leap forward.

Here are some early impressions from around the web. Click the link at the end of each quote to view that sites full review:

“Mango looks great so far, and I’ve really only scratched the surface here.” – Windows Phone Secrets

“I like more about Windows Phone in Mango than ever — and I’m definitely looking forward to playing with some final software and hardware.” – ThisIsMyNext

“…the truth is, most technology isn’t pleasant. The new Windows Phone is. Very much so.” – Gizmodo

“There are even elements where Android and iOS could do well to learn from Microsoft’s example…” – SlashGear

“Microsoft has listened to its early critics and has started to respond in a big way.” – Winrumors

“Mango makes finding content, information and people on your Windows Phone that much easier.” PC World

“Many of these new features are mainly bringing Windows Phone up to speed with the competition, yet there are a number that are quite innovative and sure to make Windows Phone stand out above the crowd.” – PocketNow

“Microsoft has added frosting to last year’s cake, now it’s up to devs to add the candles. In short, Mango is delicious.” – WPCentral

It is still early and most of the reviewers have kept in mind that this is a beta version of Mango running on the previous generation hardware, so it’s refreshing to see that Mango is being accepted so well by some of the previously negative prognosticators.

Reading some of the more in-depth reviews from PocketNow and WPCentral have me looking even more toward Mango’s release in just a few short months.


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