iOS5 Overcomes Windows Phone in Browser Tests, But Is Short lived

The web was a buzz last night when sites like Winrumors reported that iOS5 was now pulling faster FPS (frames per second) numbers in Microsoft’s HTML5 reader tests than was IE9 mobile on Windows Phone Mango. I myself was shocked, but more-than-relieved to find out that while Apple was tweaking its browser to be faster, Microsoft was not exactly standing still. Originally, Windows Phone posted a 25FPS score while the iPhone could barely function on the reader test back at MIX 11. Then, just yesterday it was reported and verified that the updated code for iOS5 could render pages at a Windows Phone-topping 31 FPS.

Windows Phone enthusiasts didn’t take long to put the recent Mango beta to the test to verify their own results and realized that Microsoft had already improved the IE9 FPS score yet again, but this time routinely reaches 41 FPS. So, the question is: Was the iPhone ever quicker at this test than Windows Phone?


I’m sure we will have a back-and-forth browser war between mobile OSes until these things launch in final code this fall, but it’s nice to see that Microsoft is not losing any ground to iOS5 during this beta stage.

Source: TheNextWeb via WMPoweruser


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