How To Find Out Which OS Version Your Windows Phone Has

Many users don’t pay too much attention to their Windows Phone OS version number and more casual users do not follow updates, their features and schedules altogether, but for those that do, finding out which version OS you have will tell you a lot about the features and functions of your Windows Phone. Here is a brief bit on how to find out your version number and what that version means.

  • To locate the version number for your Windows Phone, swipe left from the home screen to access the programs list and navigate down to Settings.
  • Scroll down to About.
  • Tap the  More info button.

This page will give you a ton of information about your Windows Phone, including carrier and device-specific information. You should see the OS Version information on the top of the second section on this page.

The version number is usually in a string of characters like 7.0.7390.0, however, Microsoft and websites usually only refer to the middle 4-digit set when referring to an update like NoDo (7390) or the recent security update (7392).

Windows Phone updates to date:

7.0.7008.0 – Delivered improvements to the update mechanism for Windows Phone.

7.0.7390.0 – Also known as “NoDo”, this update delivered better searching with the Marketplace, copy & paste, faster app load times and many other improvements.

7.0.7392.0 – Delivers a fix for fraudulent website security certificates. 


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