Nokia Windows Phone “Sea Ray” Revealed by Stephen Elop

The much-anticipated first device for the Windows Phone platform by Nokia has been revealed and it looks and awful lot like the Nokia N9 that was released just a few days prior and this is definitely a good thing. The website has leaked the video and images.

The devices code name is “Sea Ray” and aside from some minor differences, it is identical to the very slick Nokia N9. The N9’s specs are a 3.9-inch AMOLED screen, Gorilla Glass, 16-64GB of onboard memory, 1GB of RAM and a completely solid body made of polycarbonate all the way through, so no scratches on the device will show through.

Interestingly enough, the device seems to be missing a major Windows Phone component — main screen hardware buttons. The three hardware buttons (Search, Home, Back) are staples of the Windows Phone chasis on all other devices, but Nokia “special” deal seems to relieve them from this standard. The dedicated camera button is, however, on the right-hand side of the device, which the N9 currently lacks. Personally, I like the minimalist design, but I’ve come to rely heavily on my back button especially, so the lack of these buttons is disturbing, but it’s still early.


3 responses to “Nokia Windows Phone “Sea Ray” Revealed by Stephen Elop

  1. I would miss my back button also. I use it all the time. I also use the search button all the time. And I just realized that it will change in the Mango update. It will then go directly to Bing. I will miss the contextual nature. At first, I found it awkward to use, but very quickly I became a big fan and loved how I could use it for search in many of the hubs. But I suppose I can get used to it in a different way after Mango.

    Memory options look good on this phone.

    • Sandra, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve also come to use the Search button for contexual uses and will definitely miss having it for that purpose. i don’t know how I ever used an iPhone with no back button — I must have been living in the stone age.

      As for the “Sea Ray’s” missing buttons, check out the post I just put up. It kind of explains the lack of hardware buttons, but for me, it’s not ideal.

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