Which Smartphone Platform is Right for You?

This is a Windows Phone website. I make no excuses or apologies for that. It’s my chosen platform and the one which, I believe, makes the most sense for the most people, but I do understand that there are users out there who enjoy the ability and flexibility of chosing a platform which suits their needs.

I originally ran across the video below on WMPoweruser and thought that the host of the video did a pretty fair job of describing each platform and his own preferences without getting into an incendiary war about which is best. So, if you are having difficulty figuring out which smartphone platform is right for you, then check out this guys video and it may help.

Just a few things, however, I would like to clear up before hitting play. In the video, he mentions how great the iPhone is for music and podcasts. Personally, I believe Windows Phone’s music player is hands-down the best option out there. Podcast’s on Windows Phone still lack a native download capability on the phone, but will be coming soon in the Mango update later this fall. Also, the idea of customization comes up and while it’s true that Android lends itself to be fully customizable, Windows Phone’s home screen is a great way to personalize your phone to your needs with the help of tiles and live tiles.

As for me, I will continue to push Windows Phone as the superior platform as I’ve tried each of the others and feel Windows phone is the best combination of hardware and software. Please feel free to sound off in the comments below about your choice of smartphone and why it’s right for you.


4 responses to “Which Smartphone Platform is Right for You?

  1. Hi there,
    It’s everyone’s right to choose what they like to use. I simply prefer iphone.I’ve had a WP for 2 moths and sold it because I could not use it for anything useful, it lacks all the good features a smartphone should have and most users need. A smartphone is not just a portable multimedia platform and a social network gadget, it’s a device which should offer besides multimedia, useful stuff,communication options.
    I have not found many important features in WP7, features that a huge percent of users need:
    Bluetooth file transfers, File Manager, fully working email attachments (Add anything you want to send). fully download manager (download any file you like with a browser), no GPS software (serious GPS solution such as igo,tomtom,navigon etc). No customizable ringtones, no USB storage mode.
    I have found all these on the iphone, even if not by default, but by 3rd party apps, yes all these features are present on my iphone 4: bt transfers, download manager, email app with full attachment system, system file manager, usb storage mode, gps software etc.
    I like the new WP7 UI, it’s very nice but I cannot rely on a good looking phone and carry another one to satisfy my needs.

    • That makes sense. Windows Phone satisfies all of my needs and I couldn’t stand the UI of iOS or the way Apple treats it’s customers like they don’t matter. Everyone has a preference that makes sense for them. Thanks for your input.

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