Is ‘Tango’ After ‘Mango’ and Before ‘Apollo’?

Rumors are swirling around the internet that a release codenamed ‘Tango’ is set to come for Windows Phone somewhere between ‘Mango’ later this fall and ‘Appollo’ late in 2012. The update, if true, will likely be a smaller, incremental update similar to ‘NoDo’, which added a bit more functionality and copy & paste.

Apollo is rumored to be the version which closely ties all of Microsoft’s OSes together into a more cohesive whole, so the rumored ‘Tango’ update could help with that transition. This information comes from DigiTimes in an article referencing Compal Communications, which recently signed on with Microsoft to be another manufacturer of Windows Phone devices. Here’s the quote from DigiTimes:

“Compal has signed with Microsoft for licensed use of the Mango platform and Tango, a platform to succeed Mango, the sources noted.”

All this sounds great and makes some sense when you consider that Microsoft does name all of their Windows Phone update with a codename ending in the letter ‘O’. Either way, take this information with a grain of salt as ‘Tango’ could still be a year away and might not even exist.


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