Angry Birds Now Available For Windows Phone

For some, this is the culmination of gaming for the Windows Phone platform. Angry Birds may not be the best game in the Marketplace, but its arrival marks, for many, Windows Phone as a legitimate contender in the heavily contested smartphone battle for supremacy.

Angry Birds is probably the most popular mobile game on the planet and for those not familiar with the title the game is simple, players use a slingshot to catapult Angry Birds at pigs stationed on top of or inside destructible fortresses, with the intent of destroying all the pigs on the playing field.

Why would birds want to kill pigs you ask? The story is that the pigs have stolen the eggs of the birds and now the Angry birds are hell-bent on taking revenge by destroying their structures and the pigs themselves.


165 different levels, increasing difficulty and birds with special abilities keeps the gameplay interesting throughout and since the game is Xbox LIVE-enabled, you will be able to view leaderboards and earn achievements for various accomplishments within the game. You can find this title for $2.99 by searching for “Angry Birds” on the Zune PC software or on your Windows Phone. 

There are a few titles which are considered cornerstones to a mobile platform and Angry Birds is one of them, so the fact that is now available means that we can now close that chapter in the story of Windows Phone and proceed to move forward.


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