Official New York Times App Now in Marketplace

When you searched in the Marketplace for New York Times in the past, you would have seen that there are a number of New York Times readers and apps to choose from, but now we finally have the official app from the New York Times. With the addition of this popular app, my own list of must-have apps still not in the Marketplace is starting to fade away to nothing. Here’s the Marketplace description:

Enjoy articles, videos and photos optimized for viewing on your Windows phone. Get our Top News section for free or subscribe to unlock all the sections in the app, plus blogs, videos and slide shows. The app downloads and syncs the latest news directly to your device for online or offline reading. Share articles through Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. And, get breaking news alerts to be the first to read about events as they occur.  

The New York Times is now available for free in the Marketplace. To find the official app, search for “NYTimes” on the Zune PC software or on your WIndows Phone.


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