Microsoft Goes “All In” on Windows Phone, Retires Zune Originals

Paul Thurrotts Windows Phone Secrets blog has posted that Microsoft has now shut down its Zune Originals website and services. This move lends credence to the belief that Microsoft is going to continue phasing out the Zune brand, as Paul Thurrott previously reported, and will continue their focus on Windows Phone and their strongest consumer brand, Xbox.

This all comes as no surprise as the Zune devices, while fantastic, never took off in the market, which might be attributed to a lack of market and marketing for the devices. To this day, I’ve still not seen an advertisement for the Zune HD, what I consider the far superior music player than an iPod touch.

Hopefully we’ll see a non-phone version of the Windows Phone OS on a device to take the place of the fading Zune HD, but Microsoft has neither tipped their hat nor commented on any plans for such a move.

I for one will miss the Zune brand if it does go, but I’m sure the services will continue to be a driving part of Windows Phone’s success even if it’s rebranded.

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2 responses to “Microsoft Goes “All In” on Windows Phone, Retires Zune Originals

  1. It saddens me to read this as I think Zune is a wonderful service and the Zune HD is a speedy, reliable, and awesome device. I use my Zune HD on a daily basis. Glad the service will be around, though under a new name.

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