Arcane’s Tower Defense Game Coming Soon…

Arcane’s Tower Defense: Wrath of the Gob King is a great-looking 3D tower defense game coming first to Windows Phone and later to Xbox LIVE for the console. The title is currently in release canidate (RC) state and is promised to be released soon to the Marketplace by its developers.

The title’s features include:

    • 6 different and uniques towers.
    • Talents to boost your strategy.
    • Spells to improve your defense.
    • 5 ages to unlock towers, talents, spells and improve their powers.
    • A lots of different gobelins with their own stats and unique abilities
    • And a free, standalone map editor


According to the developers post on the XDA Forums, he and the five other developers currently making the title are in communication with Microsoft to make this an Xbox LIVE-enabled title for Windows Phone.

I’m a big fan of the tower defense genre if the game is well-done and from what I’ve seen from this title through its developement, this one is going to be big on the platform.


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