What comScores Market Share Numbers Really Mean

A lot has been made about comScore’s recent market share report which show Microsoft’s mobile market share is in decline. What one see’s when they read this chart and what it really means is, however, usually two different stories.

Credit: comScore Report

It’s true that Microsoft did lose 1.9 percentage points of the smartphone market, but what this chart doesn’t take into consideration is that the smartphone market is currently growing so rapidly (up 11% since the last report) that Windows Phone could and probably is growing at a decent pace, but the overall market is just growing much quicker. Ergo, Windows Phone sales are most likely increasing even though the market share is decreasing. We also need to take into consideration that Windows Mobile is often included in Microsoft’s Windows Phone share numbers and Windows Mobile is and will be in decline for the remainder of it’s life.

Eventually, Windows Phone will mature and gain more mind share and then the market share will come, but Microsoft knows what they have in Windows Phone and that is a product that is nearly ready for a prime time battle with the elite platforms and this is all expected to happen when Mango, new devices and Nokia are all thrown into the mix in a few months.

Until then, Microsoft has reiterated its commitment to Windows Phone and those who do use the platform, love it.

Source: comScore


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