Windows Phone Games: Penguin Review

This was kind of an impromptu review, but I was recommended this title by a friend and found it such a great little time-killer that I thought it would be a great recommendation. The game I’m referring to is called Penguin by creator Mike Newman.

The idea of the game is to glide and guide your penguin over valleys and hills and through the air and basically travel as far as you can while maintaining your momentum and grabbing fish to eat along the way. Points are awarded for just about everything. The game seems to be inspired by an iPhone title called Tiny Wings.

The gameplay is smooth and simple to master with a tap being the complete control scheme. visuals are pretty basic and reminiscent of a flash-based game you might play in a browser on the desktop. Best of all…it’s free.

There are 14+ stages and each game will be different as each level is dynamically created. This is the type of game I go to when I’m standing in line at the store or waiting in line at a drive thru. It’s quick, simple and you’ll want to keep playing to beat you and your friends scores.

You can check out this free, ad-supported title in the Marketplace by searching for “Penguin” in the Zune PC software or on your Windows Phone.


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