Microsoft says “Tinker away with Mango”

Microsoft’s stance on tinkering with their latest consumer products, namely Kinect and now their latest Wndows Phone OS (Mango) has been a developer/hacker-friendly position to take. In fact, they almost seem to welcome messing around under the hood with their latest Mango release to beta testers in their response to AllThingsD’s by Microsoft’s Bill Cox:

“We say tinker away with Mango and enjoy the juice, but beware the fine print — unlocking phones may void your warranty.”

I tend to appreciate their attitude towards tinckering and agree with WMPoweruser’s assessment that this loose attitude with their products may very well be what has kept hackers away from their services and keened in on the like of Sony and Apple as of late. Of course, Microsoft has been known to take security very seriously, so the “plucking the low-hanging fruit” theory is probably not too far off either. Either way, as Microsoft notes, “tinker away”, but do so at your own risk.

Source: AllThingsD


2 responses to “Microsoft says “Tinker away with Mango”

  1. Microsoft’s response “tinker but do so at your own risk” is the correct response. The reason they haven’t released WP7 to HD2 users might be because they are scared of people installing it on their current device and not buying a new phone later on but this is the wrong view to take. If i put mango on my HD2 (i have already installed WP7 and have upgraded a friends HD2 too) i will use it, buy apps and play with it – thus locking me into the WP7 world. However when my phone contract ends in 6 months, if microsoft haven’t blocked my “illegal” phone and it has worked absolutely fine for the past 7 months, i am more than likely going to buy a new windows phone device as i am already locked in and want a completely legit fully functional phone. This is a win for MS and the handset makers. If however MS do block my phone or disable my device, i, like many many others i have spoken to and read about, are going to flock to Android, starving MS of their Windows Phone 7 user base relegating it to the likes of Kin and BOB forcing microsoft to just shut it down.

    The best thing that microsoft could do is allow people to install Windows Phone 7 and all updates on any device they wish but put the onus on the end user to support and maintain their phone if anything goes wrong. Microsoft should rightly wash their hands of helping or supporting people who install the OS on an “incompatible” phone, be that Win 7, Win 7 Mango or a newer update such as Win 7 turnip.

    People should be allowed to do this and even encouraged at the handset owners risk.

    in 7 months i am upgrading my phone regardless of what happens, it all depends on if MS are nice ill buy Win Phone 7.X, if they block HD2 users im going android like many others.

    • It sounds like Microsoft will not officially support the HTC HD2 because it doesn’t meet the chassis 1 specs (hardware buttons), but they seem to be fine with allowing users to hack the OS onto their devices.

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