HTC Trophy Rates High on Verizon

We’ve heard Microsoft boast that customer satisfaction among those who try a Windows Phone is very high, so this comes as no surprise that Verizon customers rate the HTC Trophy, Verizon’s only Windows Phone device, as one of the highest rated smartphones on Big Red, trumped only in order by the iPhone 4. If you were to ask most iPhone turned Windows Phone owners which is better, they would probably say Windows Phone. I can say this with an amount of certainty, because I hear people who’ve switched make this comment all of the time. The ecosystem and hardware on iDevices is great, but the actual phone experience has changed little since 2007, when the iPhone first launched and has become stale in many users eyes.

Verizon lists its smartphones by user rating, so it makes it simple to see that those who do partake in Windows Phone, find the experience in both hardware and software excellent. Now if we can only get these devices into more hands.

Source: Verizon via WMPoweruser


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