Yammer Announces New Windows Phone Application

Yammer is the world’s leading enterprise social networking solution which allows workers within an organization a way to socialize and communicate in a secure, social environment. The service will soon be available to Windows Phone users with the brand new Yammer app which has been built from the ground up to offer its users a superior social networking experience in the enterprise world. Here’s the information from their official blog via press release:

Mobile access is a critical component of Yammer’s enterprise social networking solution, and an applicationfor Windows Mobile has been available to users since 2009. This release is a major enhancement to the previous application and marks the first version that is compatible with the Windows Phone operating system.

Key New Features:

  • Threaded Conversations – Post, reply and like messages. Easily follow conversations with replies displayed underneath the original message.
  • Multi-Feed Access – Quickly navigate between My Feed, Group Feeds and Company Feed to find relevant conversations.
  • Multi-Network Access – Switch between various internal and external networks.
  • Member Directory and Profiles – Find updates, links and files posted by a specific colleague in addition to contact information.
  • Private Messages – Communicate privately with one or more colleagues.
  • Live Tile Integration – Receive real-time notifications from Yammer about new conversations and messages on your Windows Phone Start screen, all without opening the application.

Yammer is expected to be available for Windows Phone later this quarter. Click here for the entire press release.


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