Microsoft Foresees $100 Windows Phones Next Year

Microsoft Windows Phone Division president, Andy Lees, addressed those in attendance at the WPC event in Los Angeles about the future of Windows Phone and even revealed to the world (if accidentally) some future Windows Phone devices set to come later this year. Among the interesting tidbits of information revealed by Andy lees was the idea that Windows Phones will be very inexpensive in the next year with prices ranging from $100-$150. He noted:

…Today, they’re down to about $200, and next year, a smartphone that can run something like Windows Phone 7 will actually be down to $100 to $150.

Lees contends that part of the price drop can be attributed to the combination of multiple items to one chip:

Another advantage of moving everything onto a single chip is that the price comes down dramatically…

As with everything, prices tend to come down as parts become cheaper to produce and attain (See flat screen TV’s), so it’s believable that we could see some Windows Phone devices easily race to the bottom of the price war. Of course, there exists some users which will always want the cutting edge phone hardware to go along with their platform choice, so this is where Microsoft’s manufacturer differentiation will hopefully come into play. My hope is that Microsoft can support a wide range of hardware to appeal to the largest portion of users while maintaining a solid user experience across both power users and non-power users alike.


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