Sony and Microsoft Domains Raise Hopes for A Windows Phone

Microsoft recently filed for domain registration for two peculiar domains: and Of course, this brings many to believe that there will soon be a Microsoft partnership in the mobile market as Microsoft already partners with Sony for Windows PC’s.

Sony was originally announced as a Windows Phone launch partner, but a Sony-branded phone has yet to be released. There have been prototype units (see image below) which have surfaced, but Sony has yet to publicly re-commit themselves to the platform. The curious and probable “sticking point” between the two is likely the integration of Xbox LIVE into every Windows Phone. Sony runs the Playstation Network and recently released the Sony Xperia “Playstation” phone and is rumored to have balked at the idea of releasing a phone on a competitor platform.

Credit: Winrumors

Who’s to say what this domain registration means, but anytime two behemoths appear in anything in this industry, it’s best to sit back and take notice.
Source: Neogaf via Winrumors

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