Windows Phone Games: Star Ninja Review

Physics-based games are a great fit for a mobile platform and Windows Phone will undoubtedly need to continue adding quality Xbox LIVE-enabled and indie titles from this genre in order to keep up with the major players like iOS and Android. Star Ninja by Bounding Box Games LLC does a great job of bringing yet another physics title to Windows Phone.

The object of Star Ninja is to aim and throw ninja stars off objects and walls in order to knock down pirates which have been placed through each of the 50 levels. Some pirates are out in the open and easy to hit and others are behind objects and obstacles and take a little more thought to knock down.

The visuals are very well-done from the opening animated menu screens to the moving backgrounds in each level. The game runs smooth on both NoDo and Mango beta devices that I’ve tested even when there is a lot happening on the screen at once.

The controls are easy to learn and use and seem to fit the gameplay design perfectly. You simply drag the aiming target to the spot you wish to throw and tap your ninja to release the throwing star, couldn’t be simpler. The gameplay stays fresh with 50 unique levels and four different gameplay modes: Focus, Frenzy, Campaign and Speed Run.

Overall, I enjoyed the title. I appreciate when it’s obvious that a developer put a lot of time and thought into their game and the visuals and fluid gameplay seem to prove that in Star Ninja. if you are into physics-based games like iBlast Moki and Angry Birds, then Star Ninja might be right up your alley. At $1.29 the title is right in the sweet spot of affordability and with a free trial you have no excuse not to give this indie developer a download. You can find this title by searching for “Star Ninja” in the Zune PC software or on your Windows phone.


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