Arcane’s Tower Defense Hits Marketplace

Arcane’s Tower Defense: Wrath of the Gob King by SASGraphicStream is a great-looking 3D tower defense game coming first to Windows Phone and later to Xbox LIVE for the console. The title was currently in release candidate (RC) state and was just recently released to the Marketplace. I’ve been following the title via the XDA forums for a while and it looks like the final release doesn’t disappoint. Here’s the Marketplace description and trailer:

You represent the only hope of the Triggerfartch nation, attacked by Goblins, Your Role as War Chief of the Fartchi nation is to build defenses strong enough to stop this invasion and repel the green horde to the sea .

The Fartchis are known for their extreme ability to build strong and effective defenses. And for good reason: each goblin who falls in battle, gives gold. The more the battle continues, the more goblins are powerful, and thus, gives more gold. With this gold you will be able to build towers and improve them with the help of a technical tree composed talents, the effectiveness of their shots, but also your mental faculties. It is possible to cast spells on the battlefield to support the ground defenses. Finally, five technological ages allow the player to improve the overall characteristics of its towers and access to new tricks, skills and spells. One goal ? Last as long as possible and defeat the Goblin chief. The game comes with a free 3D map editor for an infinite lifetime of playing.

You can find this title for $1.99 with a free trial by searching for “Arcane’s Tower Defense” in the Zune PC software or on your Windows Phone.


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