Microsoft’s New App ‘Dotastic’ Hits Marketplace

Microsoft has a number of apps in the Marketplace for Windows Phone and today has released another app called Dotastic. Microsoft recently purchased the domain “” through in early June 2011 and since the purchase there has been a holding page to announce its coming app/service. Today the app launches on Windows Phone, but what is it?

Apparently, Dotastic is an app that integrates a “Do list” with your social networking to help motivate you to achieve different things on that list with the help of your friends. I’ve tried using the app, but setting it up is causing me to run in circles of setting up Facebook access and receiving a server error which starts the process over again, so here’s the Marketplace app description:

Dotastic is a fun way to challenge your friends and help each other get things done. Earn points for completing tasks and compete with your friends to be at the top of the leaderboard. Incentives and social pressure helps you stay motivated as you complete your tasks and share your achievements with everyone.

Based on the Marketplace screenshot (see below) and a brief start screen when the app runs, it looks an awful lot like an iPhone app based on its toolbar at the bottom of the screen. I wish I could use the app and comment on its quality and usefulness, but it’s just not working for me at this time, so you might have some more luck.

To download this free app, search for “Dotastic” in the Zune PC software or on your Windows Phone.


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