Xbox Live Title ‘Tentacles’ Coming this Week

The Xbox LIVE title for this week is called Tentacles by Press Play. Press Play may be familiar to many readers because of their fantastic side-scrolling game Max and the Magic Marker, which is also the Deal of the Week for $2.99. If you haven’t had a chance to download and play Max and the Magic Marker, there is a free trial and I would highly recommend the title.

The developer is about to release another title, except this time it will be exclusive to the Windows Phone platform.

In this Windows Phone exclusive title, Dr. Phluff conducted an experiment to create the most adorable creature in the world. He spliced together genes from his previous creations, taking the cutest features from each — the big eyes of a baby seal, the helplessness of a new born kitten and the wet nose of a puppy. But something went wrong, the experiment failed and Dr. Phluff created a being of darkness. Black, heartless, and with absolutely no desire to be cute or loveable in any way, Lemmy’s a slimy black blob with three tentacles, and a never ending appetite for eyeballs.

Game Features
• Exclusive top down platformer from the creators of Max & the Magic Marker.
• Guide Lemmy through 40 levels of madness, amazing boss fights and groundbreaking and intuitive gameplay.
• Use your tentacle skills to navigate through challenges and outrun Dr. Phluff’s acid attacks.
• XBOX LIVE achievements and leaderboards.

Given Press Play’s track record with excellent mobile games, I’m sure Tentacles is going to be a great new title for this platform and I’m even more excited to see that this will be exclusive to Windows Phone.


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