Samsung Focus Rev 1.4 Updates are Live Right Now

Eric Hautala updated the official Windows Phone Blog yesterday to let us know that the Samsung Focus Rev 1.4 were very close to going live and now a day later, we have word through the blog again that Microsoft is now pushing the updates to Rev 1.4 owners ending a long update period that I hope and expect will be much better in the future. Here’s the word from Eric:

As I mentioned yesterday, we have been working to expedite the scheduling of the AT&T Samsung Focus v.1.4 update. I am happy to report updates are being delivered now for this phone. Please connect your Samsung Focus v.1.4 to your PC to update your phone.

Mr. Hautala also takes a moment to explain some device-specific updates that may be coming very soon.

A few months back I explained that you may occasionally receive a notification of a hardware-specific update for your particular Windows Phone. These updates improve things like battery life, call clarity and touch responsiveness – to name a few examples. These updates are designed to make specific improvements. Not every phone around the world needs the same package of improvements. In some cases no update at all is needed. I wanted to remind you of this because some of you will start to see these types of updates soon, and I wanted you to have a little insight into what is included. It’s all part of keeping your Windows Phone in tip-top shape.

It’s great to finally get through this whole first update cycle and only makes me look even more forward toward the Mango release.


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