Mango App Submissions Begin in August

The Windows Phone Developer blog‘s Todd Brix has notified developers via a post on the blog that they will start accepting Mango app submissions next month. Mango apps will be able to take advantage of fast app resuming and multitasking as well as a number of additional api’s which will make apps even better than they currently are. Here is a note about the upcoming Mango app submission:

We’re just about a month away from enabling developers to begin submitting Mango apps to App Hub. Developers will need to use the Windows Phone Release Candidate (RC) tools that we expect to make available in late August to finalize their Mango apps and submit to App Hub. In the meantime, developers should get the free “Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Beta 2” here.

We appreciate your patience as App Hub comes on line. Developers can report any issues between the beta tools/emulator and production phones on the App Hub ‘tools for wp7’ forum.

I hope you find this information useful and the resources give you what you need to be Mango-ready in August. It’s time to put the finishing touches on your Mango apps and have them ready to submit in August. Finally, thank you for contributing more than 23,000 apps in just 8 short months and making Windows Phone one of the most vibrant and fastest growing mobile ecosystems in history.

Check out the full post which details the new App Hub as well as the details surrounding the Mango app submission process.


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