‘Putt In – Golf’ Available in the Marketplace

Here is an excellent game that has been in the Marketplace since January 4th and I’d never even realized it had existed until last night when I was browsing through the top rated games in the Marketplace. Putt In – Golf by publisher 7.1.M. is a “putt putt” golfing game for Windows Phone which uses 3D graphics, realistic physics and dynamic scenery to make for a great-looking golf title.

There are three modes: Normal, Trophy Course and Obstacles and currently 36 different courses to play through. The gameplay is similar to the excellent Xbox title Fable: Coin Golf where you tap the golf ball and pull back using your finger to apply direction and power to the swing. I found the graphics to render smooth and true and the controls to be very simple to pick up. There are also online leaderboards available so you can upload your scores and see how you compare against others around the world.

I can highly recommend this title for Windows Phone and judging by the other users’ reviews of this game, I believe they would too. For only $1.29, you are getting a solid, frequently updated game that you can use to impress your friends on the capabilities of the Windows Phone OS.

The title is currently at version 2.1 and has been consistently updated to add improvements and more courses. You can find this game for $1.29 (w/free trial) by searching for “Putt In – Golf” in the Zune PC software or on your Windows Phone.


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