LG Fantasy Windows Phone Leaks

The first round of LG Windows Phones were solid devices, but less than impressive. While carriers like At&t and T-Mobile released stunning devices like the AMOLED Samsung Focus and the 4.3-inch HTC HD7 respectively, LG’s offering consisted of the Quantum and Omnia. LG later stated their concern over their own Windows Phone sales, wonder why, so hopefully they are ready to come to market with devices which really push the limits of features and style.

A number of LG phones set to come in 2011 have recently leaked and one particular device which we are concerned about called the LG Fantasy appears to be a Windows Phone Mango device. According to PocketNow, we currently do not have the hardware specs for the Fantasy, although, much of that can be gleaned from the required chassis specs that we already know about. We should see this device land later this year around the release of Mango and lets hope that this is one of many devices where the manufacturer really gives us some great hardware.


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