Windows Phone Games: Tentacles Review

In order for Windows Phone to really shine over iOS in the mobile gaming department we need titles that are both exclusive and excellent. Tentacles, by developer Press Play, is exactly this kind of title and the exclusive that will make Windows Phone the portable Xbox machine we know it to be. Press Play already had an extremely fun Windows Phone title in Max and the Magic Marker and now their follow-up title continues that quality gameplay and adds in a bit of uniqueness to the mix.

After enjoying Press Play’s previous title for Windows Phone, I knew that we were in store for a stunning game, but the surprise of Tentacles is that it’s a mobile game that’s never been done before. I’ve played a lot of mobile games. Some clones of others and some just an evolution of former titles, but Tentacles is a new thing altogether. The gameplay and control scheme make Tentacles one of the best Xbox LIVE games on Windows Phone and the subtle music and inventive storyline add nicely to the overall experience.

In Tentacles, you are Lemmy, a creature made from the parts of a few different species in a genetic experiment gone awry. With a strange appetite for eyeballs and an octopus-like appearance, you meander through the body of your creator, Dr. Phluff, seeking to find an escape. You must make your way through 40 detailed levels eating eyeballs and avoiding obstacles and disasters along the way.

The controls are one of the features that really stand out when you first pick up Tentacles. Lemmy will grab onto the walls of the passage ways you traverse and you’ll move the creature forward by tapping the walls and ledges in front of the creature. As you progress into the game, you must avoid obstacles which will inflict damage and sometimes you must move through the level in the shortest amount of time possible. You are also blessed with a single claw which you can use to battle enemies and reach out and grab eyeballs that you’ll find along the way.

As for the performance of tentcles, the title ran smooth and had exceptionally quick load times on the NoDo and Mango beta devices I tested. Responsiveness to controls and finger presses were also extremely accurate. Even better yet, Tentacles does have lasting value because the levels, bosses and achievements are varied in such a way that you’ll keep coming back to better your time and earn three stars on each of the 40 levels.

Overall, Press Play did it again and delivered a homerun with Tentacles. This is one title that deserves recognition and downloads and at $4.99 with a free trial, there is no excuse not to give it a try. I hope that this is just one of many titles we’ll see from the Copenhagen developer for the Windows Phone platform.  You can find this must-have title by searching for “Tentacles” in the Zune PC software or on your Windows Phone.

Click here for the Interview I had with the Director and Lead Designer for Tentacles for an inside look at the games development and decision making.


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