‘Bing Get Me There’ Hits Marketplace

Microsoft has released another app into the Marketplace called Bing Get Me There. The app is just another nice-looking app in the long list of titles from Microsoft and this one seems to be geared more toward UK users in that it’s essentially a London travels app. Here’s the Marketplace description:

Bing Get Me There is a London travel app that gets you from where you are right now to wherever you want to be. True door-to-door directions using Bing maps and live tube updates to ensure you get the best route for you. Business, home address, or tube station, Bing Get Me There will get you there!

Plan journeys using Bing maps and
the London Underground network
Full tube maps and live service
Live departures and status updates by tube station
Nearest tube
stations (with map and walking directions)
Set up favourite journeys with
‘live tile’ alerts on your home screen
Weekend service updates
access to tube maps (great for when you are on the tube)

The app focuses on the Underground and walking for your journey, though trains and buses sections will be included if there are any delays or closures on the tube network.

Search for “Bing” in the Zune PC software or on your Windows Phone to check out this app.


One response to “‘Bing Get Me There’ Hits Marketplace

  1. The directions given however are rather random, it can tell you to walk past 3 bus stops to get a train that takes you a mile further and then a different train back to reach your destination. No tube/ bus integration

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