Brandon Watson Puts His Money on Windows Phone

Dilbert by Scott Adams

Brandon Watson, Director of Windows Phone Development, has not been shy about aggressively pursuing those who are tired of the developer or user experience on other platforms. This time, he is putting his money where his mouth is and is betting on Windows Phone to satisfy Dilbert author, Scott Adams’, need for a phone which doesn’t frustrate. Mr. Watson recently posted a challenge on Scott’s blog to give Windows Phone a try and if he isn’t more pleased with this platform over iOS or Android then Brandon will personally donate $1,000 to a charity of Scott’s choice. Here is the challenge posted on Adams blog:

Scott –

My name is Brandon Watson and I am responsible for the developer platform on Windows Phone. Since your readership has a high probability of cross over with our developer base, how about I make you a deal with one of the phones we reserve for developers. Take Windows Phone for a spin. I’ll send you a developer phone with the new Mango OS on it. Give it an honest run, and if you don’t love it more than either of your iPhone or Android experiences, I’ll make a $1000 donation to the charity of your choice. You can’t really lose on this deal.

Do we have 500K apps? No. Do we have 25K, growing as fast as iPhone did, and 2x as fast as Android? Yes. Do developers love the dev environment? Uh huh. Do we have the only phone that puts people and communications first? You bet. If Androids dream of electronic iSheep, people dream about people – and that’s what you will get with Windows Phone. Keep in constant contact with those most important to you with Live Tiles, groups, messaging threads, and native Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And no special instructions on how to hold the phone to make calls. Oh, and the battery lasts a long time.

I can be reached at ThePhone [at] microsoft. You can call me if you want – 425-985-5568. Windows Phone devs will tell you that’s the right contact info, because it’s shared with every one of them.

I hope you take me up on this one…there’s no reason to hate your phone.

Brandon certainly believes in Windows Phone and this is refreshing because you know no one at Microsoft would have probably made the same offer back with a Windows Mobile device. Brandon clearly believes as I do, that Windows Phone just need to get into more users hands to make an impact. I hope Scott Adams takes him up on this offer because I know he’ll be converted.

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9 responses to “Brandon Watson Puts His Money on Windows Phone

  1. Brandon Watson,
    I am still confused why you let them release a smart phone in today’s times without the copy/paste option? That makes no sense to me! Where is my mango update?

  2. I understand that…I guess my frustration is that this is a common feature that is included in smart phones even in the previous windows mobile but it was initially left out…I mean come on??? Not only this but other issues. All that being said I still think the windows phone 7 is a great operating system.

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  4. Hmm… No operating system is perfect from the get-go, but the Mango update is gonna make it near perfect 😉 I hope Molly Wood and Adams get to use a Mango handset. Wouldnt be a fair comparison if they were comparing WP7 to iOS and Android. They need WP7.5

  5. I agree that no operating system is perfect from the start or beginning; i’m just saying that a common feature such as copy/paste was not on the top of the must have list. Especially since this is not the first time Microsoft has ever produced a operating system.

  6. Copy and paste is more important to other OS users that have to deal with burried content in their UI. I wish I could turn copy and paste off. Copy and past makes it more difficult to edit text, becuase is makes it harder to select the center on the word. Most eveything I would want to copy and paste already has links to it, I rarely use it. The whole C&P issue was over blown.

  7. I use copy/paste a lot. I type a lot for business & personal as well as multitask so the ability to copy & paste is important to me.

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