Kayak App Makes a Comeback on Windows Phone

Kayak was one of the original travel applications for Windows Phone and then it suddenly became unusable one day and wouldn’t return any information about flights and hotels. Then, it was pulled without any explanation which is a crushing blow for the platform when you consider that travel apps are really lacking in the Marketplace.

Well my friends, Kayak is back and seems to be working as well as it was before disappearing from the Marketplace, so the reason for the hiatus is anyone’s guess, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time and app disappeared and then came back suddenly. You can find the travel app by searching for “Kayak” in the Zune PC software or on your Windows Phone.

Kayak now rejoins the growing fleet of travel apps for the Windows Phone. The Kayak app is smooth, fluid and has a fantastic 3-D axis page turning option. The app allows you to book both flight and hotel accomodations. In addition, the app uses location services to find the airports nearest to your current location. This is one of the smoothest travels apps I’ve seen thus far in the Marketplace.

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone; Roy Oberto contributed to this post


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