Microsoft and Fujitsu Team Up to Unveil First Mango Device [Updated with Video]

We’ve seen and heard rumors that Fujitsu’s first Windows Phone was coming to Japan and coming in August. Then we saw notifications for tonight( 26 July 2011) for an event which featured the first Windows Phone Mango device, the Fujitsu IS12T. The device was leaked, along with a Samsung device for the US, a few weeks back at the Partner Conference held by Microsoft. The IS12T comes with mango pre-installed and features 32GB of internal memory, a waterproof casing, 3.7″ LCD screen, 13.2MP Camera w/flash and comes in three colors (Citrus, Magenta and Black as seen below).

The IS12T will be available in Japan on the carrier KDDI and is expected to come in between late August and early September.

Here’s a video walkthrough of the device in question:

Source: KDDI Launch video


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