Developers: How to Update Your Device to Build 7712

Cliff Simpkins updated the Windows Phone Developer Blog today to help Devs with getting their devices up to the latest available Mango build (7712). Here is the process according to the blog post:

The process to update your phone with build 7712 is pretty straight-forward:

  1. Make a copy of the backup you took when you updated to the Mango Beta 2 pre-release (which I’m sureyou did) and put it in a safe place, if it isn’t in one already
  2. Return to (we’re using the same program you were invited to join last month) and download the freshly posted files, which includes a new Zune client and a new UpdateWP executable
  3. Head to the Control Panel and uninstall the Beta 2 software (Zune client and UpdateWP) and tools (WPSDK) that you installed last month
  4. Install the new software and tools that you just downloaded from Connect
  5. Fire up the new Zune client beta (4.8.2134.0) to check for the new update
  6. Zune will then update your phone from 7661 to 7712

For those who may be inspired by this release and update their phone for the first time, you’ll notice a much more streamlined experience from the one we rolled out last month. Based on the feedback (and support tickets) from developers participating in the program, the process has been improved in two places. First, we’ve updated the server logic in the first update (739x -> 7401) to better account for ‘Walshed’ phones and phones that had the support tool run incorrectly on them. Second, the Zune client has been updated to link your updates into a single update run. The new Zune client automatically checks for new updates after it completes an update – meaning you only need to start the update process once and Zune handles the rest until you arrive at your final destination build (in this case, 7712).

Hopefully all goes smoothly with the updates. Click here to read the post in it’s entirety.


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