MSN Postbox Now Available in Marketplace

It seems that Microsoft may be one of the busiest developers on its own platform because they already have a number of apps for Windows Phone and continue to add more all the time. Today is no different because they have released an app called MSN Postbox into the Marketplace.

As I understand it, postbox is essentially a service which allows users to upload their own pictures to the cloud and comment on theirs and others. Here’s the Marketplace description:

Share your photos with millions of MSN readers directly from your phone with the MSN Postbox app. Also browse other readers’ submissions to see the best of what’s happening all around the United States.

MSN Postbox is a new curated photo-sharing site (part of the web portal) that goes beyond your friends to connect with a bigger community about what going in on in your town, your life.

Offer city and people shots, with your captions, as well as photos and tips about restaurants and events. And you can photos immediately after taking them, or share photos you’ve already taken. (After downloading the app, reboot your phone – turn it off and back on – to activate the “share” function for Postbox to your phone’s camera.)

You can find this app by searching for “MSN Postbox” in the Zune PC software or on your Windows Phone.


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