New Look for Windows Phone Metro…

You may have noticed that the website has undergone a slight redesign. I feel that this new look resembles more closely the feel of the Windows Phone OS. Nothing else will change as far as website content. Same great news, tips, and reviews will continue to flow right here. Hope you like the changes and as always, stay tuned right here for everything Windows Phone.

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6 responses to “New Look for Windows Phone Metro…

  1. Hi i have a question about Mango Beta, Microsoft showed us that ie9 can handle up to 50 fps in the fish test but in my New Mango Beta build 7712 there are only 50 fps?

    • I noticed the same thing. The latest Mango build is only 7712 and the RTM version is expected to be build 7720, so I imagine that the final build will have a much higher fps on those html5 test than what we are currently seeing in this build.

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