More Hardware-Specific Updates Coming to Windows Phone Users

Microsoft mentioned last week in a post on the Windows Phone Blog that hardware-specific updates would make their way over to different Windows Phone models. There are no promises on when new updates might arrive or what those updates might entail, but they should come soon. In today’s post entitled “Updates: More hardware-specific updates on the way” Eric Hautala discusses the updates and what they may feature and also briefly reveals that Microsoft is still planning the 7392 security update for rev 1.3 Samsung Focus phones and shoots down some speculation that those devices were not updatable. Here’s the word from the official blog:

Yesterday we started delivering another round of hardware-specific updates to Windows Phones around the world. As I explained last week, these are being sent to specific models—not every phone—and are designed to make targeted improvements to things like battery life, call clarity, or touch responsiveness, depending on the model.

We’ll send these hardware-specific updates from time to time. It’s all part of keeping your Windows Phone in tip-top shape. If you have questions about how to install them, visit Update Central.

…There is no issue with the updatability of 1.3 phones. Also, rest assured that 7392 will be bundled in our next update for AT&T customers with Focus 1.3 phones.

Stay tuned for any further news on the hardware-specific updates or the 7392 update for Focus devices.


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