Noticable Changes in the New Mango Build (7712)

At the very first opportunity yesterday, I hooked my Samsung Focus up to my PC and cracked open the Zune software to see if there was an update waiting. There was an update available and it was the Mango Beta (build 7712) update released to devs yesterday, so of course, I began the updating process immediately. It took about 20 minutes from start to finish and ran without an incident. The only weird quirks I noticed was that the update changed my theme color to red and reset my Pictures hub picture to a default one and didn’t have any artist art on the Music + Videos hub live tile (at least until I played a song). Other than that, things went quite well.

The differences between the first beta build and this one are very small. You’ll first notice that the logo used on this build is the new square Windows Phone logo that we’ve seen in marketing videos and on Mango devices. Here are some other changes and features I have noticed and read about in build 7712:

  • Twitter integration is now in the People hub.
  • LinkedIn integration is now available in the ME tile.
  • The card view multitasking switcher now allows for fluid scrolling. Before you could only scroll one card at a time.
  • The ‘Play’ button on the Music + Videos hub toolbar has changed from a play button to music notes.
  • New visual voicemail interface
  • Sharing options for Twitter are now throughout the OS.
  • Copy & Paste has been redesigned to show only when there is something to be copied and also includes a sound notification.
  • Groups in the People hub are now just a text link.
  • The ‘Me’ button in Bing Maps has a different icon.
  • The keyboard now automatically capitalizes the beginning of a new paragraph.
  • Music streaming via SkyDrive through the Office hub
  • Frames per second (FPS) have increased from 24 to 30 on my device in the IE9 Fist Test.
  • WMPoweruser claims that there are new transition animations for accessing hubs, but I don’t see it on my device.
  • Lime green theme color has now changed to light green – Thanks Qaiser
  • Noticable speed improvements in IE9 and in the OS – Thanks Qaiser
  • Live Messenger message speed increases (incoming & outgoing) – Thanks Qaiser
  • Animations in the OS have improved – Thanks Qaiser
  • Video uploads to Facebook  – Thanks Jeam Baez
  • Messaging hub ‘Online’ screen seems to highlight ‘available’ status in green – Thanks CraZeE
  • What’s New in People hub has content filter (e.g. Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter, all) – Thanks CraZeE

If you notice or read about anything else that has changed in this build, please leave a comment or use the About page to contact me and I’ll credit you accordingly.


9 responses to “Noticable Changes in the New Mango Build (7712)

  1. I have noticed that the lime Green color has changed to light Green, the Speed had been improved in ie9 and OS the live Messenger has been improved the Messages are now coming faster and sending faster and animations are better. :D. Iam so happy that i have bought hd7 i hope we will see more cool Things in thefinal Mango rtm.

  2. There’s also now scrubbing available in the built in video player (just drag in the seek bar to set position).

  3. A few things I’ve noticed:
    1. What’s New in People hub now scrolls endlessly in place of ‘show more’ button. Works for groups too. (Or have i mistaken this for the Facebook app)
    2. What’s New in People hub has content filter (e.g. Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter, all)
    3. Pictures tile has new animation
    4. Messaging hub ‘Online’ screen seems to highlight ‘available’ status in green
    5. Keyboard settings allow you to enable/disable the paragraph capitalization function

    The content filter in ‘Whats New’ is unified across all hubs, though 😦 If you set it to Twitter in Peoples, it’ll be Twitter in Pictures as well. Was hoping they were not shared.

    Still on the lookout for more stuff.

  4. Oh one more.. the paste icon in first mango beta *always* is half hidden on the keyboard. The latest hides it entirely unless there is clipboard data.

  5. I have set my LG Optimus 7 (7.10.7712.60) to mango color, I think it was not before and I am testing and I think is working faster. Now I am updating my apps with live tiles and else. I hope the release version appears soon!!

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