A Look at Windows Live for Windows Phone…

Windows Phone has many features both on the phone, on the web and through the Zune PC software. When you learn to use each one of these services to its fullest, you really unleash the power of the Windows Phone OS and its ecosystem. One of the features that I use the most with my Windows phone is the Windows Live web service.

Most are hopefully aware that you can ring, lock, track and erase your Windows Phone from your Windows Live Mobile menu, but that’s just the beginning of the Windows Live integration in Windows Phone. You can also link your social networking accounts through Windows Live, manage your OneNote notebooks (and other office files in Mango), add albums to the cloud to be synced down to your device and manage your calendar and contacts which get synced to your device. If you have yet to really set up your Windows Live account, it’s definitely worth logging in and checking out your options. Here’s how to begin:

First, you’ll need to login in at live.com, using your Live ID and password.

To access Windows Phone-specific features, you will click on the Windows Live logo in the top left-hand corner of the page and select Mobile.

This will be your main page for accessing features of your phone. Here you can use the ‘Find my Phone’ feature, add photos, look up & add  calendar events, edit contacts, access OneNote notebooks and even learn some useful Windows Phone tips.

Navigation in Windows Live is similar to what you may recognize on the Zune PC software. You will need to go through and upload your documents and photos to make Windows Live your own, but you will not be sorry you did because once you have that information up in the cloud, it can be accessed almost anytime and anywhere either on your Windows Phone or via a web browser and the Mango update slated for later this fall will do even more to increase the functionality between the service and your device. So what are you waiting for? Go fire up your browser and check out Windows Live for Windows Phone right now. You won’t regret it.


One response to “A Look at Windows Live for Windows Phone…

  1. Looks nice, but since i am in a country (croatia, right next to italy) that is not officially “supported”, i had to create a separate live account just to be able to access marketplace. so my phone is tied to that one instead of my main one.

    hopefully i can maybe add a device as i see now.

    anyway, they need to step up the marketplace rollout.

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