Mango RTM Build Breaks Fox News App?

The recently released update for Windows Phone (build 7712) brings a few more features and polish to the overall OS, but with near-final code often comes a few bugs and issues. One of the issues I have come across is a bit of instability in a few apps. Overall, the update does wonders to the speed and stability of the operating system, but with any beta product, I have found a few issues as well.

One of the issues I have found on my own device is that the popular Fox News app for Windows Phone no longer seems to work properly after upgrading to the latest available build. The Fox News app has both articles to read and various videos to watch from their popular shows, but when you try and access one of these videos on my device, you’ll receive the following message:

“Videos are not available offline. Please connect via wifi or your cellular network to watch the latest video clips.”

You are also provided with a “Refresh” button to try and the reload the page which yields no results. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the app numerous times and have tried multiple wifi networks to no avail. The app appears to work fine on the previous beta build and NoDo, so it appears to be just one of a few bugs in build 7712 as far as I can tell. I am using a Samsung Focus, so if you have the latest build (7712) and are not experiencing this issue either on the Focus or another model, please post a comment below and let me know. Also, if you have run into any other apps with a new issues which you believe stems from the latest build of Mango, please post a comment on that as well so I may do some of my own research and send a bug report. Thanks.

2 responses to “Mango RTM Build Breaks Fox News App?

  1. I’m rocking Mango 7712 on a Focus and it does seem I’m having the same problem. The Main page updates but the subcategories are not and the Video section gives me the off line error. Now I have to somewhat disagree with the first post. I love this News app and mine updates multiple times throughout the day and keeps up with the news although the live update tile doesn’t always update as much.

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